Emergency Response Plan for Montana Tech


McEntire (2016) elaborated that an emergency is a situation or incident that disrupts the operations and creates threat to human life or property. To tackle such situation, ‘Emergency Response Plan’ (EMP) is formed to define the management hierarchy and responsibilities for procedures to respond in such situations.

The emergency plan is to help and enable ‘Montana Tech’ to tackle the situations like explosions and large fires, terrorist threats, events of radiation or hazardous materials. In this document, we will highlight guidelines and procedures to minimize the threats and ensure the health and safety.

The goal of this plan is to protect human life and assets of Montana Tech as well as health and safety of the individuals. The emergency could involve different levels ranging from minor incident to major disasters.

The emergency response is based on following responses to the certain situation, which are; response, mitigation and recovery.

Emergency Response

Phelan (2016) discussed that the different roles and responsibilities vary according to situation and need of information. The member of emergency response committee should designate the duties to staff for operations (emergency coordinator) and lead the situation to provide information and services for all internal and external stakeholders. The safety officer should address the operational matter and liaison officer should contact the external stakeholders like government or private bodies required in certain situation.

The operation center for the emergency should monitor the whole situation and assign the required equipment and communicated the matter. In case emergency can be resolved internally individual should be provided clear instructions and emergency phone numbers for the campus. The maintenance and logistic staff should ensure the safety equipment is available in case of emergency and response according to level of emergency (Thomas, 2014).

Mitigation Procedures

McEntire (2015) explained that the phone numbers and email system should be in place and contact should be made via this system. The training for such situation along with first AID should be kept in place. In the different situation like the bomb, threat or fire contact contacts can be made with internal security department or by calling 911. The detail instruction should be clearly communicated to the campus individuals.

Evacuation Plan and the point should clearly in placed and meeting point has to be clearly defined assembly points. The individuals involve should be clear communicated the assembly areas and instruction should be issued to stay away from the building. The detail evidence as well coordination should be established (David, 2014).

Recovery from Emergency

The recovery process along with restoration after the event is very important. If the event is not disrupted then it does not require a long time for restoration. However, in case of disruptive event recovery team should be built to evaluate and report on the situation. In the short run, the priorities are attending the victims of the emergency. On the other hand, the re-scheduling and resuming the processes may be required in the long-term (Acton, 2015).


The emergency response plan is fundamental for the organization to plan and response to an emergency. The plan helps to identify the events and define responsibilities to manage such events. The life safety along with building protection is very important for any organization. Having details plans in process to response the situation, the mitigation of such event as well as the recovery procedure is very important to tackle the crisis and situation.


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