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The travel industry has integrated e-commerce into their sale strategies with the evolution of the internet as a consumer-driven network. The consumer can access the wide range of information and with the increase in security of online services; e-commerce has emerged as very fast growing sales medium (Kelly, 2015).

Dave (2015) discussed that the internet marketing has become phenomena, which has pursued by number of companies as integrated part of sales and marketing strategy. The search engine marketing (SEM) strategy involves both search engine optimization (SEO) and paid advertisement. Companies are using different medium for marketing in terms of cost associated with each marketing method as well as return on investment from each marketing method.

The key objective of Air France is to increase international market share through Search Engine Marketing (SEM) along with effective cost management and return on investment.

Search Engine and Marketing strategy

According to Buss (2013), the optimum internet marketing strategy involves effective allocation of resources across the number of search engines through selecting appropriate keywords. In the case study, information on airline industry and internet marketing options which include MSN, Yahoo, Google and Kayak.

The Search Engine Marketing (SEM) involves promoting website on the internet to increase its visibility through SERPs, which include the number of techniques like ‘Search Engine Optimization (SEO)’, ‘Cost per Click (CPC)’ and Cost per Impression (CPM) (Dawson, 2014).

Richter (2016) added that SEM is popular marketing method to promote services through targeting placement on internet search engines. SEM involves both website search engines optimization and pays per click campaigns. The search engine optimization (SEO) is the method to display results and links in the search performed by the visitors. The SEO is expensive marketing method compare to paid advertisement placement on different websites.

Albaum, Albaum and Duerr (2015) studied that the SEO is an expensive marketing technique, which does not yield the required return on advertisement (ROA). The SEO does not consistently offer consistently high ranking and the cost is high compare paid advertisement. This shows paid placement is choice of advertiser compare SEO marketing.

Czinkota and Ronkainen (2015) mentioned that the number of online marketing campaigns includes cost per click, fixed-rate advertisement and ads placement on different websites. The key measure is revenue per transactions, increase in booking as well as cost per click reduction.

The key performance indicators (KPI’s) include conversion rate, cost per transaction, and cost per click as well as traffic generated from the source. The different advertising mediums include MSN, Yahoo, Google and Kayak sponsored search (Dawson, 2014).

Marketing Program
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Uniform vs. Distant Marketing

Michelli (2016) explained that there number of the marketing campaign, which could be based on the location, season and travel aggregators. In case of uniform marketing one-sample ads is build and then marketing on all websites and allocating the same amount of resources. For example, design ads to fly to New York and assigning the keyword to all marketing medium.

Whereas, in case of distant marketing different ads are placed on different websites and targeted according to needs of the customers and resources allocated according. The company should purse distant marketing strategy and adaptation multiple marketing strategies in order to target different customers based on demographic (Macalister, 2015).

‘One size does not fit all’ is more applicable to case internet marketing and media contact should adopt different keyword for each search engine. The company can use variety of strategies like affiliated marketing as well as tailor marketing for effective resource allocation and maximize the return on investment (Christiansen, 2016).

Customized Strategy and return maximization

The tailor marketing strategy will help the media contact to yield maximum return from each medium using for advertising air France. For example, marketing on the Kayak have different cost but it is specific for the travel industry and likely to attract more customer then marketing on the yahoo. The usage of focus and customized keywords are more likely to generate better sales conversion (Albaum, Albaum and Duerr, 2015).

Czinkota and Ronkainen (2014) explained that the target marketing strategy will help the company to effective utilize the potential of each search engine. For example, using strategy of pay per click (PPC) on Google may not generate the desired return, as the demographic and geographic of the customer is difficult to know on Google.

Yahoo and MSN offer service for marketing in term of time, the taste of the customer, and therefore may generate positive return compare to generic marketing. The effective resource allocation will help the company to yield the better return on investment. The use of less branded keywords will cost less compare brand-specific marketing, which is very expensive (Dave, 2015).

New Promotional plan – Social Media

Kelly (2012) studied that media contact should utilize the social media as part of online marketing in additional search engines. The social media present huge potential for marketing and can be specified target the based on the location and demographics of the customers. The social media present the huge opportunity, as the marketing can be tailor to individuals as well as it is the two-way method of communication.

The blogs, Facebook and Twitter present helps the sales boost as well as open-end communication and customer feedback. The huge global user base of the social media will help the company to yield maximum return on the investment. The wastage of money can be minimized as the resources will allocate more efficiently and customers can be targeted more specifically (Dawson, 2014).

The social media present the opportunity for both affiliated marketing as well as pay per click. The return can be measured by conversion rate and revenue per booking. Social media increase brand loyalty and customer loyalty and have better conversion rate through target advertising (Loeb, 2016).


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