Hypothetical abuse case of Child towards his parent

What is Parent Abuse? 

This report encloses a memo for hypothetical case of Child abuse towards his parent. Society is concerned with child abuse and consequences of this terrible behaviour on children’s. However, the parent abuse is rather neglected phenomena. The parental abuse from teenagers particular one with violence issues and social interaction problems is less research area. Parent abuse is a form of domestic abuse with serious consequences such as depression, physical harm, job loss, damage to property and family breakdown (Clarke et al., 2017).

According to Holt (2015), parent abuse is perpetrated by child in their teens display irresponsive behaviour towards family members such as wearing, name-calling, kicking, pushing, hair pulling, objects used as weapon, intimidation, name calling, swearing, bullying by text, emotional blackmail, drug abuse and Belittling parents in front of other family, friends or publicly.

The law is always on child’s side through legislation and child protection support, but there is nothing to protect parents from children’s who abuse their parents. In most cases, social services seem to be less concerned. School exclude teenagers with the behavioural problem but virtually there is little support for parents. Parent abuse is not limited to a certain social group but it can affect single or two-parent family equally. In most cases, it is mother who is most affected but father, as well as other children in the family, may also suffer. Many people consider parent abuse is the result of bad parenting or child suffering abuse themselves (Clarke et al., 2017).

Case of Child abuse towards his parent — Fact of the case

case of Child abuse towards his parent

Letter to Plaintiff

To: Plaintiff

From: ABC law consultants

Subject: Persons in Need of Supervision (S petition)

Date: 14/11/2017

You Parent abuse case

As you claimed, your son shows aggression and violence toward you in verbal and physical context. He refuses to accept the orders with strong resistance. The aggressive abusive behaviour has damaged your self-esteem and self-confidence and you have no one to intervene in case of either verbal or physical abuse.

For example, the child asked you to ‘piss off’ in public place (namely GP chamber). This is an example of verbal aggression with no one to intervene. In routine, commands, threats, the object as weapon and words of full mistrust is evident at the times. Your son hit you and really you had no idea what to do.

As you mentioned, if someone else had hit me, I would have called and police. But with my son, I don’t want his arrest but I really want to stop the abuse. With little social support, I feel ashamed, embarrassed, angry and terrified. The violent behaviour showed by child has scarred the fear and has resulted in anxiety disorder and depression.

Persons in Need of Supervision (S petition)

In the context of your case, the court will precede the case under ‘PINS’. A PINS is a person under the age of 18 and family court will determine the ungovernable behaviour. The ungovernable behaviour includes using alcohol or drugs, refusing to obey a parent reasonable rule, staying out late at night and stealing.

However, PINS proceeding is not the criminal proceeding. PINS proceeding to follow the general procedure which is as follow; initial appearance, conference, fact-finding and distortion hearing. The dispositional alternatives include probation supervision, suspended judgement and placement with DSS. The placement option includes group home, foster care and/or institutional care.

Mother and Child relationship

The lack of quality and unpredicted behaviour could cause apprehension and anxiety in the child. This could impact his self-confidence and self-confidence as the child is less known how to deal emotionally with different situations. Our system focuses on vulnerable children and ignoring children vulnerability result in violent behaviour.

Despite such opinion, the child with responsive behaviour needs help as its way of expressing distress and needs. I believe spending quality time with the child, communicating boundaries’ and consequences as well as contacting the authorities can resolve the matter.

The family assessment program offers useful assistance and information to help families to make resolve problem and concerns with placing child in foster care under PINs petition.

Your petition and alternative dispute resolution

There is an alternative way of dispute resolution to resolve the issue. The way to settle the dispute includes negotiation and mediation through community dispute resolution centre. The alternative dispute resolution includes initial appearance, fact-finding hearing, dispositional hearing and appeals.



ABC law consultants



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